New To The Alliance Range

Shock Absorbers

Features and Benefits:

• Super-finished chrome piston rods inhibit rust and reduce seal wear to increase the life of the shock
• Formulated shock oil reduces fade to carry heavier loads longer and farther over rough terrain
• End mounts feature a rugged 360° arc-welded solid steel eye ring for enhanced tensile strength and a superior bond with the piston rod to resist flexing
• Piston seal self-adjusts to compensate for wear and hold a tight seal between pistons and pressure tubes to improve low-speed control and prolong shock life
• 10-stage valving offers comfort and control with durable performance and self-cleaning functionality
• D.O.M. (Drawn-Over-Mandrel) tubing reduces internal wear
• Mounting hardware included where required


LED 7" and LED 9" Driving Lamps


These lights are supplementary/ additional to the vehicle lights (not replacements) so no approvals apply.

Features and Benefits:

• Focused Optics for each LED
• Magnifying Light Intensity
• No Light Loss Through Reflectors
• Heavy Duty Vibration Resistant

Part Number:

QABP TIR7 - 7” LED Driving Lamps – twin pack
QABP TIR9 - 9” LED Driving Lamps – twin pack